Build Your Dream Home with Royal Homes

Off-Site vs. On-Site Construction

The System-Built home on the left was started at the same time as the Site-Built home on the right.
Guess who is still paying thousands of dollars in construction interest??

  • A system-built home is built to the same codes as all site built homes.
  • System-built homes are real homes that appreciate in value just like site-built homes.
  • Your system-built home can be built virtually anywhere you can build on a site. Many of our homes are located in good school districts, on the beach or in the country club area.
  • Depending on the complexity of your home you may be able to save considerable amount over site-built prices when you buy a finished system-built home.
  • Royal Homes has extensive experience in building system-built homes for satisfied customers since 1966 and have saved them millions of dollars. Our expertise and buying power saves you money.
  • Your new home will be covered under our 10-year warranty. Royal Homes stands behind the homes that we build.
  • Our system-built homes are better built than site-built homes.  Much more wood goes into our homes and our houses are built on a crawl space, not a slab.
  • We can take your present mobile home as your down payment! Even if you still owe money on it.
  • 100’s of Floor Plans…1000’s of option combinations to choose from…Up to 3,000 square feet…All homes custom built.
  • Our houses have exceptional standard specifications and exceed the Southern Builders Code - Meets IBC Code.
  • We give the best price, square footage, and quality on each home. We welcome you to compare us with the competition.